The Meaning of MC Coat of Arms

From the first day you entered this school until today, you see the emblem which is used as the symbol of our school and the other schools under the Saint Gabriel Foundation of Thailand. Montfort College itself placed one in front of the auditorium. This emblem has great value and meaning to every Montfort student concerning what will be achieved in the studies and work for those who puts these teachings into practice. This emblem is like an ARMOR protecting us and making us live our lives with confidence in whatever we do.

“A.M and the White Lilies”

“A.M” is abbreviated from the Latin “Alma Mater” meaning literally “Dear Mother”. When applied to an institution, it means “Mother School”, the implication being that it is the source of all our knowledge, our intellectual being. We should love our institution as we love our parents; the latter gave us our physical shape and the former our mental fiber. “A.M.” is also an abbreviation of “AVE MARIA”, the Latin prayer to the Mother of Lord Jesus who gave us our morality and our religion. The word Mother therefore connotes as an object of love, devotion and respect. And the beautiful snow-white lilies are symbols to remind us that we should be spotlessly clean and enlightened both physically and mentally.


“Sail-Boat” in the emblem symbolizes “Ship at Sea” which has to keep afloat whether under the sun or the moon or in the danger and anger of the elements just as human beings keep swimming in the sea of life, fighting ebbs and tides, facing odds and onslaughts, struggling against the rough and tumble and against the vicissitudes of life.

“The Star and the Man in a Boat”

“The Star and the Boat” symbolizes “Spiritual Hope”, meaning that religion is “the light of Dharma or Absolute Truth” and all the knowledge of science and philosophy we have learned from the institution is “the Light of the Intelligence”. Together they exemplify the light of the star that propels us towards our goal in life and keeps us on track so that we do not get lost or drowned in the sea of life. “The man in the boat” reflects human beings rowing or guiding our own “boat of life”.

“D   S” (“D Cross S”)

“D” or Divinity represents “Religion”. We all need religion to enlighten our life and mind.

The Cross is the symbol of “love” and “sacrifice” just as Jesus sacrificed his life out of love for us and he redeemed us from our sins as he says: “There is no other love greater than that of sacrificing one’s life for the good or benefit of other human beings”

Moreover, “D  S” also comes from the French phrase, “Dieu Seul” Which means “ALL WE DO IS FOR THE GRACE OF GOD ONLY”. It is the motto of the Brothers of St.Gabriel. With this powerful motto, we have the will to study or work without succumbing to temptations,  on yielding to difficulties. We will uphold this motto forever.

“The Shield” that bears the “Four Symbols”

The “Shield” that bears the “Four Symbols” is the “COAT OF ARMS” which stands for “HONOUR”, “PRIDE and DIGNITY”. It also represents the HONOUR, DIGNITY, PRIDE AND PRAISE bestowed on our institution by the King who reigns over us whether we are inside or outside the boundaries of our Kingdom.

“The Olive Branches”

The Wreath of Olive Branches stands for “Victory” or “Success”, in line with the Greek tradition of presenting olive branches to victorious soldiers and athletes. As holders of the wreath of honour. we are bound to uphold the name and fame of our alma mater forever.

This emblem will be in everyone’s conscience and it will help remind us of the life in the big family of the Brothers of Saint Gabriel. In the bosom of Mary, our blessed Mother, we have a religion that is the essence of our lives. We uphold holiness and truthfulness of one another. We know how to live our life, to face problems and difficulties with faith and hope. Let righteousness and wisdom be our guide together with love. We practice sacrifice which will make us complete human beings. We will be able to overcome obstacles with hardwork and perseverance until we receive achievement, honor and admiration in society forever.