St. Louis – Marie Grignion de Montfort (A.D. 1673-1716)

         The symbol of time that realizes the significance of education as the instrument to set human beings free through St. Louis Marie – Grignion de Montfort (A.D.1673-1716) motto of ‘God Alone’ which has molded numerous  people to perpetuate  his mission in the same direction. One of these groups of people is the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Gabriel, who have dedicated themselves for the education of children and youths so that they will become good and worthy global citizens. This congregation had spread out to establish education institutions throughout every continent in the world.

   This ideology of St. Montfort has existed for 300 years (A.D 1719 – 2016) through the fact that the Brothers of St. Gabriel are profoundly inspired by St. Montfort, whose ideology had led everybody around him to the brightest path and made them fervently seek for ‘the Eternal Wisdom’.

   Presently, the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Gabriel has her Headquarter in Rome, Italy. This is under the supervision of the Superior General by the name of Rev. Bro. John Kalarackal. There are approximately 1,300 Brothers spreading throughout 31 countries all over the world. In Thailand, Rev. Bro. Surasit Sukchai is the Provincial Superior.

      At present, the Foundation of the Brothers in Thailand has 17 education institutions under their supervision. This includes Montfort College, Chiang Mai, which is the third education institution of the Foundation in Thailand.


             Louis Mari – Grignion de Montfort (1673-1716) lived at a time of transition. It was a time of discoveries, both of new lands and in science. A spirit of enquiry and adventure reigned supreme. Montfort, a man of great vitality, indomitable courage and spiritual strength was a seeker after the only treasure that mattered: Divine Wisdom. He gave himself up to the ways of Wisdom and in the process developed a pedagogy of acquiring true Wisdom and in the process developed a pedagogy of  acquiring true Wisdom that not only guided his own inner journey but also the lives of all those he touched.

Montfort sought to lead the world around him in the ways of such wisdom, beginning with the poorest, the lost and the least. He did so in different ways as in ‘charity school’ for the young, mass education using his great oratorical skills, collective social action, and writing scholarly volumes, popular tracts, poems and letters.