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19/1 Montfort Rd.
T. Tasala, A. Muang.
Chiangmai 50000 Thailand
Tel. (6653) 245570-5
Fax. (6653) 245571

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Welcome to Montfort College

     Montfort College was established in 1932 by the Brothers of St.Gabriel and has a reputation as a leader in education for the north of Thailand.
     Montfort presently has more than 400 teachers (50 foreigners), and over 5000 students.

     Future career : Students from grade 11 joined the "Career Shopping Day" a seminar organized by the school Guidence Department on future career. They were exposed to various career fields.(6 September 2006)[855]

     competition : Mr. Yothitya Muangkiang from year 11/2, Mr. Nanat Ananpansut from year 10/3 and Ms. Nantanee Chaworana from year 11/11 received the second prize on the theme " I can stop global warming' on 6/6/2009.[1478]

     Football : Mr. Piyankun Pansana M.2/2 (first prize), Mr. Ronkrit Jaiim M.1/5( second prize) and Mr. Oknit Lekakon M.4/10 were awarded prizes in a football competition between private schools in Chiang Mai on 29 August 2007.[1111]

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School Features
Establishment of school
1932 : The Brothers of St. Gabriel came to Chiang Mai and established Montfort Primary School along Charoen Prathet Road on a 5 acre plot of land .
Montfort Vision
In the year 2004 Montfort College aims to have reached international standards of service, knowledge, development and quality in a happy atmosphere.
Saint Louis Marie
Saint Louis Marie was born on 31 January, 1673 in Montfort District, Sur Meu, France. He is known as Father Montfort.
School Hymn
Montfort, our beloved school, let us love it forever Its name will be in my mind like special symbols in my heart
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